"I believe the New Jersey Legislative District Data Book is the best source to access and compare data about all of New Jersey’s municipalities. The financial, demographic, and governmental data is so diverse that many municipal decisions can be analyzed."

- Dan Jaxel, Borough Administrator, Raritan Borough, NJ


"For any town writing a grant or doing a project, it is good to know how your town fits in amidst other towns in your area or on a statewide basis. A few years ago, we were starting a project to establish a railroad village as a tourist attraction. The [N.J. Legislative District Data] book was very helpful to us for accessing demographic data within range of our town. The book has the potential to be universally accepted as a reference. I’ve used it for election results and for planning and found there’s a need for resources that cannot always be found by going to the state or county. It’s a one-stop source – you’re going to find information all in one place without going to the ends of the earth to find it. As mayors, we talk about our sources of information."

- Chuck Chiarella, Mayor, Buena Vista Township, NJ


"I have been the manager of several towns in New Jersey and have always relied on Rutgers' “Legislative District Data Book” to help guide my management decisions...  More recently, I have used the Book to compare crime and poverty statistics with other towns within my county.  It has been an invaluable resource in shaping both policy and the public’s knowledge about the town."

Matt Watkins, Administrator, West New York, NJ

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